Culled from CJR’s own stories, plus the frequently updated “Must-reads from around the Web,” our staff recommendations for the best pieces of journalism (and other miscellany) on the internet, here are your can’t-miss must-reads of the past week:

Guardian reporter battles the British power elite (CJR) - One of the biggest media stories in history was right in front of Nick Davies, and he almost missed it.

There is only one major news site that both pro-Israelis and pro-Palestinians read (Quartz) - Data scientists use a map of connections between Twitter accounts to determine which news sites they follow.

A Web guerrilla breaking news from the jungle (The New York Times) - “I don’t think there is going to be one model,” says Glenn Greenwald on Web journalism. 

Why The New Yorker’s radical feminism and transgenderism piece was one-sided (CJR) - “The notion that trans women silence trans-exclusionary feminists flies in the face of the historical record.”

How a new Washington stifles a new political press (CJR) - “As political PR machines become more sophisticated and aggressive, journalists need to rethink how they cover government.”

Don’t fight flames with flames (The New York Times) - “You can’t make it stop… What were you thinking? You know you can’t win a Twitter fight. You can never win an argument with someone on social media.”

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