“Nemeses Neutralized?” Not So Fast…

How does the press love the “Clintons=Drama For No-Drama Obama” storyline? Others have tried to count the ways.

This morning, Fox News’s Fox & Friends ran a segment headlined “Nemeses Neutralized?” discussing President-Elect Obama’s likely selection of Sen. Clinton as secretary of state and how this would mean (alas) one “former rival” being brought into the fold. Harmony? Teamwork?

Not so fast. Sometimes, “neutralizing” one “nemesis” can also mean exacerbating another existing rivalry. And Fox News’s Steve Doocey found that silver lining! If Obama names Clinton secretary of state, he will be offering her the job that Gov. Bill Richardson (that primary-era Clinton frenemy) “really wanted.”


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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.