Newspaper Guild Calling on Freelancers for Survey

Rebecca Rosen Lum, chair of the Guild Freelancers Unit of The Newspaper Guild-CWA, has sent along some information about a survey the unit is conducting of independent journalists. If you fit the bill, take a look, and take a moment. Here’s the blurb from Lum:

Whether you’ve been unmoored from a traditional newsroom or have been working independently all along, if you’re a freelance journalist, we want to hear from you.

Guild Freelancers is surveying independent journalists—writers, multi-media producers, photographers, editors, illustrators, filmmakers, webmasters—to learn more about their needs, their work and the marketplace.

The resulting data will help us raise awareness about current issues facing freelancers, and will also help us create supports to meet freelancers’ needs. The survey is posted online and takes only about 15 minutes to complete. You may remain completely anonymous.

Log in here to weigh in.

GUILD FREELANCERS is a growing part of the Pacific Media Workers Guild and The Newspaper Guild-CWA. We advocate vigorously on behalf of freelancers — in the marketplace, the Legislature, and the public mind. We work to help journalists navigate changes as the publishing industry evolves.

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