Nine More Minutes of New Yorker “Cover Story” Coverage

Adding to what Katia said yesterday:

In a ten-minute interview on last night’s Hardball (airtime shared with Ron Brownstein of National Journal) Ryan Lizza got ten seconds — the final ten seconds — to talk about his New Yorker article, “Making It: How Chicago Shaped Obama.” The other nine minutes and change went to That Cover (Hat Tip, Politico’s Avi Zenilman).

Matthews introduced Lizza as the person “who wrote the cover story in this week’s New Yorker magazine” (except that Lizza’s is “The Political Scene” story and not The Cover Story, the cover here being, as David Remnick explained to the HuffPo yesterday, “free-standing” and The Cover Story being the story of what the cover has kicked up in the past 24 hours.)

Anyway. After a few minutes of Cover Talk, Chris Matthews told Lizza, “You do write beautifully, we’ll get to your piece in a second…” but apparently forgot, when, after a few more minutes of Cover-Related Conversation, Matthews said: “Let’s get off the magazine and talk abut the facts out there” — meaning, a Newsweek poll. (Lizza —perhaps showing some frustration?— took issue with Matthews’ talking about that poll as a solid example of “facts out there.” ) At the end of the segment, Matthews told Lizza, “We’ll have you back on” to talk about your article.

Whether or not you’ve read Lizza’s article, if you want to hear Lizza talk about it, he did so at length on NPR yesterday.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.