Time Out New York’s Matt Schneiderman suggests five lines of work unemployed journalists might pursue — publicist, editorial strategist, project manager, grant writer, private investigator — based, purportedly, on overlapping skill sets. The explanation for why journalists (or “media workers”) might do well as “editorial strategists” (which, we’re told, is a job that “doesn’t exist” at many companies but which could be some sort of brand- or social media-strategist), according to ESPN the Magazine editor-in-chief Gary Belsky:

The most significant skill media workers have is the ability to frame complex propositions for larger audiences…

Wait, that’s not (necessarily) in The Journalist’s Skill Set (see John Harwood explaining how health care reform is “not a journalism-friendly story” because “it’s incredibly complex to try and explain to people.”)

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.