Obamas-In-Hawaii Headlines

A look at some of the Obamas-Vacation-in-Hawaii headlines so far (keeping in mind Charlie LeDuff’s “don’t be boring” mantra):

ABC News gives us the uninspired, “Obamas Say Aloha To Hawaii” (which sounds no more inspired, Extra TV, with the greeting going the other way and the addition of an exclamation point: “Aloha, First Family!”)

Why say “Obama Kicks Off His Vacation With Round of Golf” (Washington Post) when you can say, “Obama Brings ‘Game’ To Golf” (CBS News) or, “Before The White House, The Club House” (New York Times) or — Hello!— “Mr. Obama gets into the swing of festive family holiday.” The last of which comes with the lead:

After 11 hard months on the campaign trail and with less than a month to go before he takes over one of the most important jobs in the world, no-one would begrudge president elect Barack Obama the chance for a little r and r.

“No one?” (Cokie)?

Also, is someone “begrudging” at WNCT in North Carolina or does the station have BlagoGate or WarrenGate information that no one else has, or is it just “Controversy could cut Obama’s vacation short” with extra emphasis on the “could,” (as in, you know, anything “could” happen)?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.