From the (London) Times: While Mrs. Obama is “correct” to wear her bright colors “stacked,” and the colors themselves are “bang on the money,” the “three-dimensional flowers, that strange orange snake working its way around her middle and the yellow curtain pelmet are impossible to defend.” Moreover, “the appliquéd tunic has the air of Malia or Sasha’s art class about it and…does nothing for her hips.”

Your move, Robin Givhan.

UPDATE: Hurry, Robin! And, if possible, write in British.

According to The Sun, Mrs. Obama “puts her reputation for style on the line as she sports a garish outfit on a trip to Westminster Abbey,” creating, with her “whacky togs,” a “Frilly Frock Drama.”

The Daily Mail, while dubbing Mrs. Obama “First Lady of Flamboyance” in its headline, found the outfit “outlandish” in a “fashion-forward” sort of way.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.