Orange You Glad They Asked

Mrs. Clinton meet color theory

The topic of Hillary and the Pantsuits was a favorite story throughout the primary and last night, it got its (maybe? hopefully?) final night.

In addition to wondering if Clinton could bring the party together, the media was clamoring to find out what would she wear?

Good Morning America posed the question thusly:

Clinton’s every word, inflection and facial expression will be dissected. The world will also be looking at what she’s wearing. Specifically, what color pantsuit will the New York senator pull out of her closet for this crucial speech?

Kos had a poll.

And then, when the night was over and Hillary appeared in a tangerine, pumpkin, or peach suit, the analysts went to work.

“Vibrant orange” was the verdict from the Washington Post, after wondering if she “would she go with the orange or red, colors that attract attention? Or the blue or green, which have calming properties?”

“Biohazard orange, the color-wheel opposite of the blue podium background, creating the starkest possible focus on Mrs. Clinton,” was the call from New York magazine.

“The fire-bright shade of orange Hillary picked to wear tonight must lie directly across the color wheel from the particular shade of punched-up blue that flanked the DNC podium. The contrast couldn’t have been sharper,” proclaimed Slate’s XXFactor blog.

Body-language experts have already weighed in on Hillary’s unspoken message, so it’s only fair that the color of her suit receive equal scrutiny.

And Michelle Obama’s dress too received some discussion, with the most ridiculous comment coming from a blogger at the St. Petersburg Times:

As Michelle Obama talked about blue collar values, I couldn’t help but think her voice was being piped through that big broach attached to the front of her collar.

Oh, man. Can’t wait to hear what everyone says about Bill, Biden, and Barack’s outfits.

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Katia Bachko is on staff at The New Yorker.