Poaching and Politics

Conservative commentator and CNN contributor Amy Holmes’s thoughts on the DNC’s first night: Sen. Ted Kennedy drew attention away from the Clintons and focused it on the Kennedy-Obama legacy pass-down; Michelle Obama successfully reintroduced herself; oh, and poaching from rival conventions is okay. Talking about McCain surrogate Carly Fiorina holding a press conference in Denver Monday morning, presumably with the idea of snagging disaffected Clinton supporters, CNN’s Nicole Lapin asked: “Is it appropriate this week?” Holmes cherubically answered, “Of course,” and added that the Obama camp “would be well-advised” to do the same next week in St. Paul. (Obama shwag pushers, are y’all listening?)

Then, a few minutes later, switching over to commentary about Michelle Obama’s speech, we heard CNN’s Bill Schneider say (drumroll, someone): “This is a future candidate. This is someone who will have a political future. It was very impressive.” You heard it from Schneider first, folks—the wife’s a live one!

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Jane Kim is a writer in New York.