Scooped by Seacrest! (TMZFail?)

Silverman… out! Ryan Seacrest, American Idol host, Twittered as much yesterday (referring to the NBC co-chairman and friend-of-Seacrest, Ben Silverman, and Silverman’s exit from NBC to start a new venture with IAC). And, per the LA Times’s Matea Gold:

It was another example of how Twitter is fast becoming the go-to news site of the new media age. Seacrest not only beat NBC and IAC in announcing the news, but he scooped reporters at the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, TMZ, Deadline Hollywood Daily and other outlets who have been chasing rumors of Silverman’s impending departure for months. As the news ricocheted across the Web, sites such as New York magazine’s Vulture blog, Gawker and the Awl credited the radio host with breaking the story.

Oh, MSM. Slow to the post-election protests in Iran and now…this. (Is TMZFail the new CNNFail?)

UPDATE: Meanwhile, per the LA Times technology blog, of

2,025 U.S. adults surveyed [in a new LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll] 69% said they didn’t know enough about Twitter to comment on the service…And here we thought the news media had completely exhausted coverage of the social network.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.