Sheepish, Bullish on ‘PigGate

Last night, it was with a certain sheepishness that Anderson Cooper kicked off AC360 with, natch, talk of ‘PigGate:

COOPER: The media has fixed on the [lipstick/pig] controversy. No doubt about that. Tonight we will not. Yes, lipstick will be mentioned. So will pigs. But so will taxes and spending and everything else that taxpayers say they care about…

And, later in the show, after more than one lipstick “mention:”

COOPER: David [Gergen], I don’t want to talk about the lipstick story. We addressed it last night. It has been all over TV today and tonight. Mark Whitaker of NBC News made the point that the fact it still being discussed highlights two things: the success of the McCain campaign at hand-to-hand combat and at driving the new cycle. And it highlights the question of how Barack Obama fights back. Is that why it’s still worth talking about or interesting?

Once again, I don’t want to talk about LipstickOnAPigGate. That I even now continue to talk about it, against my will, does that mean I am not the boss of me? Who’s driving my cycle, David?

Meanwhile, the New York Post is still beyond bullish on ‘PigGate (a cover far different than its tabloid competitor).

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.