Shep Smith: “We Do Not F*&#ing Torture!”

Watch the video below of Shep (Smith) talking torture with colleagues Trace (Gallagher) and Judge (Napolitano) yesterday on Fox News’s online show, “The Strategy Room,” a segment which sparked this Twitter exchange between Time’s Michael Scherer (used to work at CJR) and one Harold Johnson (sacoharry on Twitter).

michaelscherer: Shepard Smith, for four years running my favorite cable tv host, is always marvel to behold

sacoharry: Is this Shep’s “Anderson Cooper in New Orleans” breakout moment?

michaelscherer: I was always of the op[inion] that Shep did better th[a]n Coop in N[ew] O[rleans]

sacoharry: But Anderson’s “Where’s the helllllp?” plea kinda skyrocketed him. Shep’s been smart, reliable, and under-the-radar IMHO

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.