The Missing Link — How Not to Launch a Web Site

File this one under: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks. Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune officially launched its site, which brings together a network of more than 70 Chicago-related blogs written on a variety of subjects by a variety of local writers including: “a socialite, a cop, a divorce lawyer, a sports fanatic, a comedian, a gardener and more.” The site, which has been in beta form since May 26 and is billed as “Huffington Post meets Facebook,” is a good effort to grow an online presence and get voices already in the community to bring the conversation to the Tribune’s porch — and away from competitor HuffPo Chicago. But the article on the print newspaper’s Web site announcing ChicagoNow’s debut is missing one crucial thing — a link to the new blog site. Good luck with that whole, Internet thing, Tribune Co. Here’s the missing link.

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Alexandra Fenwick is an assistant editor at CJR.