Today, In Death

Two days post-MJ memorial service and so many angles still to pursue, like: ““How Will Michael Jackson’s ‘White’ Kids Get Along With Black Family?” (Quote from expert: “Madonna has black kids and Michael Jackson has white kids.”); “Debate Churns Over Proposed Jackson Butter Sculpture at Iowa State Fair”; and, “The Jackson Cheeto?”

And in other news…. from Iraq:

More than 40 people died in bombings in Iraq on Thursday in the worst violence since U.S. combat troops withdrew from urban areas at the end of last month…


A huge explosion in a truck Thursday killed 24 people south of Kabul, including 16 schoolchildren, 4 policemen and 4 bystanders, local officials said, as the death toll among foreign soldiers fighting in Afghanistan rose.

According to figures from the British Defense Ministry, British forces have lost seven soldiers in a week — an unusually high number that brought the total to 176 since the fall of the Taliban government in late 2001. Last Monday, seven American soldiers died in a single 24-hour period — the deadliest day for United States forces in Afghanistan in almost a year. Two Canadian soldiers were also killed in a helicopter crash.


Security forces began clashing with protesters shortly after they began massing in the streets of Tehran on Thursday evening, as an initially festive demonstration quickly turned grim, witnesses said.

Tear gas was fired into Lelah Park, they said, and a woman who coat was covered in blood ran from Enghelab (Revolution) Square, one of the main gathering spots over the initial weeks of protests over the June 12 election. She said that police officers were beating protesters…

And…”China Warns of Executions As Riots Ebb.”

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