Yesterday saw the premier of “HuffPost Hill” a new email blast from the Huffington Post that promises to be, according to Arianna herself, a both “breezy and useful” “afternoon fix for political junkies craving to know more, from what’s really happening on the Hill and who’s in and who’s out at the White House to the latest D.C. news and buzz.”

You can check out the debut missive here. And while the goal of the email is presumably to make its readers feel so very in the loop, this bit left me feeling so very much not:

A lot of buzz over James Homann’s Politico article exploring the Tea Party schism between Ron Paul and Sarah Palin supporters. Paulites are libertarian and largely indifferent on social issues while Palinites really hate gays, abortion and are TOTES Team Jacob.

Well. A little googling suggests that that is totally a reference to the Twilight books and movies, and a dispute between tweeny fans as to whether female protagonist Bella should choose Edward (a vampire! Ah, Ah, Ah!) or Jacob (a werewolf! Hoowwll!).

So there. That’s TOTES not something you’d see in Politico’s Playbook.

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Clint Hendler is the managing editor of Mother Jones, and a former deputy editor of CJR.