Two thoughts on Booth Moore’s (the LA Times’ Fashion Critic) take today on “Sarah Palin’s Style:”

1) Maybe it’s parody?

2) What’s left for Robin Givhan to say?

Some Moore:

Barely a blip on the political radar before now, Palin has to go the extra mile to hone her VP style. But far from uglifying herself, she plays up her sexuality…

… Palin is already playing the image game like a pro. When Sen. John McCain accepted the nomination Thursday night, she wore a black satin jacket that dipped just low enough in front so you could see some cleavage. In this political marriage, Palin clearly knows she’s the trophy…

And about that hair:

The bouffant in the front, which appears to be teased from underneath, is more traditional, to appeal to the GOP base and those big donors from Houston who’ve been known to fly with their hairstylists on their private planes. And yet, you get the feeling that at the end of the day, she could shake out that lustrous mane (longer than any other major female U.S. political figure’s) and get it on with her man.

Is that the “feeling” you get from Palin’s hair?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.