Wolf Blitzer, Mother’s Helper?

From The Daily Beast’s “Dear Sarah” letter offering advice to Gov. Palin should she find herself D.C.-bound:

When a busy woman is faced with having to do it all, there is no shame in asking for help. And I have a thought about a labor pool you could tap. There will be quite a few political pundits looking for work next month, and what a perfect fit! They know every detail of your life, so it would be quite easy for any one of them to step in and help run your family. Perhaps Campbell Brown could accompany Piper on her school field trip to the Lincoln Memorial. Tucker Carlson might be willing to help fold the laundry that piles up on the White House dining room table. And who would be more perfect than Wolf Blitzer to wait for the cable guy when you need a new box in the Oval Office?

Someone needs to gently break it to the letter writer that the political talking heads will go on talking after Nov. 4. (Also: While Blitzer does seem like a patient man, I’m not sure he actually ever leaves The Situation Room…)

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.