I’m confused by the monetary status of documentary film project United We Stand. Its got all the trappings of a successful Kickstarter pitch: A well-known producer, David Roma, who’s been involved in a number of high profile projects, including Off the Chain and the Academy Award-nominated documentary Gasland. It also has an engaging trailer that left me interested in seeing the movie. But so far, it’s raised a little over $500 towards its $50,000 goal, and has acquired all of three backers. This project is going to need to pick up a lot of momentum in the coming weeks. (Deadline: May 8, 2:59am)

Out of time

High Tech, Low Life, a film about two Chinese bloggers, was screened for the first time on Thursday as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. Even with this early success, the filmmakers are trying to raise funds for some of the film’s finishing touches, like subtitles, music, and outreach, but need another $5,000 by Monday to reach the $23,500 goal.

Mardi Link is a writer in Northern Michigan who’s written nonfiction books on mysterious murders. One of the books, Isadore’s Secret, won a Michigan Notable Book award, and now she’s raising money for a long form piece about a different killing: In the dark of night, someone is chopping into the trunks of cherry trees, and Secret Cuts: A Cherry Orchard Mystery will be a long-form piece delving into this strange vandalism. Link is raising money so she can devote a whole month to her research and writing. She recently passed her goal, and has until Friday evening to rake in the final donations.

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