Miller hopes others will go out and assert their rights to record. “Be professional,” he says “but be firm. Say no sir, the law is this, and I am completely within my rights to record you.” If asked to turn the camera off, “keep it rolling for your own self defense,” says Miller. “If they try to take your camera or delete your footage, then they are breaking the law.”

For his site’s fifth anniversary, Miller told readers he was planning to roll out a PINAC citizen-journalism press pass, so that his readers would be prepared when they’re asked to show press credentials. He plans to print and laminate the passes himself, and to outsource the process if they’re in high demand. He’ll be selling the passes through a new site he hopes will help him bring in money, called PINAC Nation, where he will sell merchandise related to his blog. The goal is to eventually hire a staff of two reporters to help him cover more stories. “In the beginning I had to search for these stories, and now they come to me,” says Miller. “I can’t cover all of them. A lot of stories go untold.”


Alysia Santo is a former assistant editor at CJR.