Every night here I have been live-blogging for four hours for Yahoo! News, and I will repeat the ritual in Charlotte. This is also the period in which I do all my convention reading—panicked Google searches as I try to frame my instant response to what I just heard from the convention stage. It is the moment, as a working journalist, that I am particularly grateful to all the fact-checking operations out there. With, say, 90 seconds to craft a live-blog item, it is reassuring that I can check my memories of exactly how Mitt Romney is lying about Barack Obama’s welfare policies and backstop my recollections of Paul Ryan’s dubious arithmetic on Medicare.

Don’t get me wrong—great political journalism (much of it written before Tampa) has been published this week. Maybe someday I will get to read it.

Walter Shapiro just chronicled his ninth presidential campaign. He writes the “Character Sketch” political column for Yahoo News. Follow him on Twitter @WalterShapiroPD.