Betting on The Guardian

March 2, 2015

Talk is cheap when you’re a media pundit. No sooner had Alan Rusbridger announced he would retire as editor in chief of The Guardian than speculation kicked off over who would replace him. So far, The Independent has touted online editor in chief Janine Gibson as frontrunner. The UK’s Spectator puts Guardian US head Katharine Viner “not far behind.” But media prognosticators aren’t the only ones with skin in the game. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has taken more than 100 wagers on The Guardian’s next top editor. For the media pundit who feels really lucky, Julian Assange is going at a remarkable 500:1. Here’s how the odds have changed over time.


Source: Paddy Power

Chris Ip is a CJR Delacorte Fellow. Follow him on Twitter at @chrisiptw.