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Podcast: Clerk who took over for racist Ala. editor speaks

Mar 21, 2019

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How they see us: What the press looks like from the outside—and what we
misread about ourselves

Winter 2019

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The Perception Issue

My Brain on Cable News

I owe a lot to cable news. When I saw the coverage of the Gulf War on CNN in 1991 it changed my whole understanding of everything. Peter Arnett was on the roof of the Al Rasheed Hotel, describing what it...

Mar 1, 2019


How Esquire lost the Bryan Singer story

On February 11, news broke that Millennium Films was delaying Bryan Singer’s Red Sonja, which was to begin production this year. This was, on the face of it, a remarkable turn of events. Singer’s Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, had just...

Feb 22, 2019

America’s growing news deserts

America's growing news deserts

The Perception Issue

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