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Governor Spotted With Four Women

None-too-pleased reporter forced to watch The View
December 1, 2010

Governor Paterson paid a visit to “the ladies of The View” this January and at least one member of the Albany press corps wasn’t too happy that they had to sit through much of the show before “the guv” was fed to the lionesses. (Oh, and one lion: guest host and host husband Tim Hasselbeck).

It was apparently all too much for the AP’s Michael Gormley, who flicked communications director Peter Kauffmann this e-mail as the show chugged on.

Not a regular viewer, we’re guessing. Kauffmann wasn’t all too impressed either. See his response:

But, it’s the viewers that count right? And according to a bubbly ABCer, they ate the governor up. Must have been his adroit handling of Mr. Hasselbeck’s tough questions, like, say, don’t you think there are parts of your life that should be off limits to the press? (We agree, except for, you know, when it comes to e-mails and the like.)

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Joel Meares is a former CJR assistant editor.