Covering the Election

Prepping the press on disinformation efforts in 2020

December 9, 2019

Next year’s presidential election will challenge journalists, technology platforms, and researchers with an unprecedented wave of disinformation. Is the press prepared? What is the role of foreign intervention in the new wave of disinformation? Are the measures platforms and newsrooms are taking adequate? What is current research telling us about the threats journalists and the electorate face in 2020?

Join CJR and the Tow Center for Digital Journalism on December 10th for a conference featuring some of the top political and media thinkers with US and international expertise, as we identify the threats posed by disinformation and propose a plan for defending the ballot box.


9:45–10:00am: Welcome and introduction

Emily Bell and Kyle Pope

10:00–11:15am: Election reporting in the disinformation age

Kyle Pope, moderator; Whitney Phillips, Hamilton Nolan, Masha Gessen, Hayes Brown

11:30am–12:30pm: Turning off the vote: the new mechanics of voter suppression

Jelani Cobb, moderator; Shireen Mitchell, Jonathan Albright

12:45–1:30pm: Keynote

Carole Cadwalladr in conversation with Kyle Pope

1:45–3:00pm: Can platforms get it right?

Emily Bell, moderator; Rocky Cole, Jiore Craig, Leon Yin, Olaf Steenfadt



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The Editors are the staffers of the Columbia Journalism Review.