Hard Numbers

Some stats and figures on the news industry
December 1, 2010

47 percent of Internet users ages fifty to sixty-four used social networking between April 2009 and May 2010—up from 25 percent the year before

100 percent growth in the same period for Internet users over sixty-five using social networking

35 percent of adults who own cell phones with apps; only two-thirds use them and only 13 percent of adult cell-phone users paid for an app

52 percent of adults who downloaded apps in the thirty days before a 2009 Nielson apps playbook survey and used them for news or weather

60 percent of adults who used apps in the same period for games; 51 percent for maps and navigation

1,000 the number of people Glenn Beck joked the media would report attended his “Restoring Honor” rally in August

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500,000 the minimum number of people Beck eventually decided had attended the rally

87,000 people, with a margin of error of 9,000, attended the rally, according to CBS and’s calculations

70 minutes a day spent with the news by the average American (thirteen of those minutes are spent online), an increase of three minutes from the 2006-08 average

17 percent of Americans said they got no news of any kind the day before they were called for the survey

Sources: The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, Pew Internet & American Life Project, Fox News Channel, CBS News

The Editors are the staffers of the Columbia Journalism Review.