Marijuana in the media

Take a look at the plant's roots in journalism
September 2, 2014


states (including DC) that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana


writers at The Cannabist, The Denver Post’s marijuana site


expected enrollment at Central Washington University’s “Marijuana Business Reporting” class this winter quarter

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price of a fine the Washington City Paper has vowed to pay for the first five readers to get a pot possession citation after its decriminalization in DC


scheduled time of the Facebook Q&A with NYT editorial-page editor Andrew Rosenthal the day after the paper supported marijuana legalization

$500 million 

amount Google paid the US to settle a suit over selling ads for online Canadian pot pharmacies in 2011

major newspapers have called for some form of marijuana legalization (Orange County Register, The Denver Post, The Indianapolis Star, The Baltimore Sun, Las Vegas Review-Journal, The New York Times, The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, The Star-Ledger)

major newspapers have expressed opposition to or concern about legalization (The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Oregonian, Los Angeles Times, Arizona Republic, Deseret News, The Oklahoman, The Christian Science Monitor)

Sources: The New York Times, The Cannabist, Central Washington University, Washington City Paper, Mediabistro, California Watch

CJR Staff