The Lower Case

Headlines that editors probably wish they could take back
July 6, 2012

Breivik killed with joyous “battle cry”: survivors—Reuters, 5/16/12

Escaped wallaby caught using huge fishing net—, 4/13/12

Police: Dismembered woman lived with killer—The Messenger (Athens, Ohio), 4/3/12

Doctor Who Helped Find Bin Laden Jailed for Treason—, 5/23/12

Increasing poverty demands action—, 5/22/12

Man who stopped breathing in police car dies—The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA), 5/19/12

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With Dicks in, all 6 WA congressional Democrats favor repeal of gay-marriage ban—The Seattle Times, 5/9/12

The Editors are the staffers of the Columbia Journalism Review.