darts and laurels

Darts and Laurels

Women's work
November 1, 2012

When The New York Times made Buffalo News editor Margaret Sullivan its new public editor in September, there seemed to be a general consensus that she couldn’t do much worse than outgoing Arthur Brisbane, lover of truth vigilantism and hater of the Internet. So far, she’s done everything she promised. Along with the bimonthly print column, she updates the public editor blog almost daily and keeps her Twitter feed fresh, with entertaining retweets, links to interesting articles, and replies to her readers. Whereas her predecessor told Poynter that social media was an “alien realm” for him and didn’t see his role as part of a “conversation,” Sullivan has embraced both—which seems a necessary part of the job these days, especially at a publication like the Times that is on the cutting edge of Internet journalism. A Laurel to her for her job so far.

Sometimes, sitting here at my desk, I wonder: Is this my life’s calling? Why am I typing and earning a paycheck when I could be bearing children, my true—and only—role in society? Fortunately, at times like these, there are men like Tim Dewar out there to remind me that the fairer sex is capable of more.
The Ojai Valley News publisher recently wrote an editorial for the paper’s annual “Women of the Ojai Valley” supplement titled “Womens’ [sic] contributions go way beyond childbearing.” Thanks, Mr. Dewar! Here is a Dart pie I made while barefoot in the kitchen.

Sara Morrison is a former assistant editor at CJR. Follow her on Twitter @saramorrison.