Editor in Chief’s Note

Congrats and goodbye to deputy editor Clint Hendler, and a call for photos of journalists on the job
March 9, 2012

Although ’tis the season to look ahead, it’s time to say thank you to someone whose name is disappearing from the masthead after this issue: Clint Hendler, who began at CJR fresh out of J-School and over the next five years proceeded to make himself generally indispensable. For example, he actually reread all 50 years of the magazine in order to produce the anniversary timeline that ran late last year. Clint is heading west to become managing editor of Mother Jones. We’re grateful for all he’s given CJR and sorry to see him go, but happy that he’s getting the opportunity to show his stuff in a new venue.

Another fond last look goes to the American Newsroom, the stirring photo series that has run in CJR for, believe it or not, nine years now. Many thanks to photographer Sean Hemmerle for his beautiful work. Starting with our May/June issue, we’ll roll out another big-picture series, starring… you. We’d like to showcase journalists on the job—at home, abroad, in all the situations we get into, from the mundane to the amazing. Please send a frame of yourself in action, plus the details behind it, to cjr@columbia.edu. Indeed, we welcome all input you may have on the magazine and website, and look forward to your comments.

Cyndi Stivers is a former editor in chief of CJR