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For half a century, the Columbia Journalism Review has been dedicated to assessing the performance of American journalism, helping to stimulate continuing improvement in the profession, and speaking out for what is right, fair, and decent.

Now as journalism evolves, so does CJR. The modern news cycle demands greater vigilance and scrupulous consideration of journalism’s best practices and next steps. With your help, CJR will continue its work as a media watchdog and advocate for a sustainable, viable, and free press.

To support this mission, CJR decided last year to expand the magazine into an enhanced membership program.

Current CJR subscribers are automatically qualified to receive all of the Charter Member Benefits at no additional cost. Your current subscription is being converted to a membership and you will receive all member benefits for the remainder of your existing subscription.

The next issue of the print magazine will mail to everyone in November.

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Your Charter Memberships benefits include:

  • Subscription to the print magazine
    Two biannual issues of the newly expanded and enhanced Columbia Journalism Review.
  • Members-Only eNewsletter
    Every week, members will receive an update from the editors with insights and previews available only to members.
  • Quarterly Updates from the Editor
    Every three months, members will receive an insider’s report about journalism from the CJR newsroom.

Plus Coming Soon:

  • Invitations to CJR Events and Panel Discussions
    Members will be invited to attend live and live-streamed CJR events and panels.
  • Listing on Membership Page
    In recognition of your support for the CJR mission, all Charter Members will be recognized on the website.
  • Exclusive Members-Only Content
    Only CJR members will have access to select CJR content and resources including the popular “Who Owns What” database.
  • Members-Only Group Forum
    A place for members to discuss what’s on their minds, ask questions, and share experiences.
  • Members-Only Discounts
    Exclusive CJR member discounts at other affiliated organizations.
  • Exclusive Members-Only Monthly Call-in
    CJR members will have access to a monthly presentation/conversation with the editor about important topics of the month.

We thank you for your support and look forward to your participation in our new membership program.

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