‘Balls and Strikes’: How to cover the Supreme Court’s supermajority

October 8, 2021

CJR · Balls and Strikes: How to cover the Supreme Court’s “supermajority”


This week, the most conservative Supreme Court since the Great Depression convened. The 6–3 “supermajority” is poised to roll back decades of law. 

On our latest episode of The Kicker, Jay Willis, the editor in chief of Balls and Strikes, a site that launched last month promising “progressive, bullshit-free commentary” about the legal system, joins Kyle Pope, editor and publisher of CJR. They discuss vital rulings that missed the news cycle, and why conservative justices have been so critical of the media.


Legal Journalism Is Broken: The conservative takeover of the Court is putting traditional legal media to the test. The results are not encouraging, Jay Willis, Balls and Strikes

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Transparency and its limits at the Supreme Court, Jon Allsop, CJR


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