‘Eugenics’ in Georgia

September 18, 2020

The forcible sterilizations of female detainees at an immigration detention center in Georgia represent a new level of cruelty. But ice healthcare systems are known to replicate those of American prisons, where reproduction injustice is an enduring problem.

On this week’s Kicker, Tina Vasquez, a senior reporter at Prism who has covered the Georgia case, and Kyle Pope, editor and publisher of CJR, discuss Vasquez’s interviews with ice detainees and her work to put the latest outrage in context.

CJR · “Eugenics” in Georgia


Immigrants allege mistreatment by Georgia doctor and whistleblower, Tina Vasquez, Prism

Exclusive: Georgia doctor who forcibly sterilized detained women has been identified, Tina Vasquez, Prism

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Amanda Darrach is a contributor to CJR and a visiting scholar at the University of St Andrews School of International Relations. Follow her on Twitter @thedarrach.