Podcast: Covering race and racism after Charlottesville

September 22, 2017

On a special episode of The Kicker, we present clips from a panel CJR convened this week in Charlottesville, Virginia. Titled “Race, Racism, and the News,” the event featured several journalists with personal ties to the Charlottesville area, and touched on issues of language, representation, and white supremacy. Associate Editor Brendan Fitzgerald, who directs CJR’s United States Project, leads the conversation, and we hear from Slate’s Jamelle Bouie, The New York Times Magazine’s Jenna Wortham, and The Nation Institute’s Collier Meyerson.

Special thanks to With Good Reason, a great podcast based in Virginia, for providing the audio excerpts.


Pete Vernon is a former CJR staff writer. Follow him on Twitter @ByPeteVernon.