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More of Jessica Lum’s work

Jessica Lum's life and career were cut short, but she left a lot behind
May 1, 2013

Jessica Lum‘s life and career were cut short, but she left a lot behind. Here’s a sampling of some of her work:

  • Her website, (click the photo below to go to the site):

  • Her work for Mission Loc@l, one of UC Berkeley j-school’s hyperlocal news sites (click the photo below to go to site):

  • Jessica loved covering sports, especially football. In her video for Mission Loc@l, high school football players show off their game face in preparation for the upcoming “Turkey Bowl”:

Game Face from Jessica Lum on Vimeo.

  • Slab City Stories, her award-winning Master’s project (click the photo below to go to the site):

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  • Remembering Jessica Lum, set up by friends and family after her death, is a collection of tributes to Jessica and links to her work.
  • Her obituary in Mission Loc@l, written by her professor Lydia Chávez:

She was immensely considerate and understood the little things that make office life tolerable. I remember her arriving one day and popping into my office. “There’s ice cream in the freezer,” she said. There was — Mexican chocolate with salted peanuts, a favorite around here.

  • Her obituary in Giant Robot, written by publisher/editor Eric Nakamura:

Before her operation which had possible dire consequences, we sent her to Hawaii. It was the first GR sponsored vacation. It was like a game show prize … From her photos, you’d never think she was ill. It smiles all around the island. Thankfully, the operation worked out and we got more smiles throughout the next few years.

  • As mentioned in the article, Jessica’s classmate, John Osborn, created a videogame for his Berkeley j-school Master’s project and based its journalist character on Jessica. Here’s a look at the character, who pops up to catch politicians being unethical. Osborn worked with artist John T. Carter on the design:

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