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Jim Tankersley joins The Washington Post

A good hire bolsters an already strong economic policy team
December 7, 2012

Obviously the big news about The Washington Post at the moment is that, after a protracted debate, the paper now looks likely to adopt some sort of digital paywall in 2013.

But there’s another bit of Post-related news today that shouldn’t get overlooked: the paper has hired National Journal’s Jim Tankersley to join its economic policy team. Tankersley announced the move on Twitter earlier today; Chris Roush of Talking Biz News has a short write-up here.

It’s a great move for the Post. Tankersley, who worked at several newspapers before joining National Journal, stood out during the 2012 election with coverage that persistently noted how disconnected the campaign rhetoric was from the reality of a short-term jobs crisis. He also played a key role in National Journal’s ambitious Restoration Calls series, penning features like “The 1 Percent Solution,” which argued for the vital role of the middle-class as both consumers and entrepreneurs in an innovation-based economy.

Tankersley’s hire bolsters an already strong economics policy desk: his colleagues at the Post will include Zach Goldfarb, who recently penned an excellent article about the Obama administration’s tepid response to mortgage debt; Neil Irwin, one of the sharper reporters on the Federal Reserve beat; and of course Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog crew (which, as of a few weeks ago, includes Irwin).

However this whole paywall thing shakes out (and I share Dean Starkman’s optimism about that!), it’s encouraging to see the Post adding journalistic talent.

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