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Solar system plagued again by thieves

Headlines that editors probably wish they could take back
January 8, 2011

Terrorist Is Returned To Prison In Gun Case –The New York Times 10/29/10

Ex-Trader Gets 3 Years In France –The New York Times 10/6/10

Alderman offers crime tips –Inside-Booster (Chicago, IL) 10/10/10

Indonesian Editor Begins Sentence –The New York Times 10/10/10

Baptist leader’s yoga position creates backlash –The Des Moines Register 10/8/10

Vatican to issue guidelines on sex abuse –The Boston Globe 10/20/10

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Gainesville Gunman Kills Father, Self: Then drives on shooting rampage, wounding 5 –The St. Augustine Record 10/6/10

State patrol keeping an eye out for drunken drivers from sky –The Herald (Everett, WA) 10/20/10

Woman accused on setting dogs on fire in court today –Daily Journal (Johnson County, IN) 10/6/09

Solar system plagued again by thieves –The Greater New Milford (CT) Spectrum 11/19/10

The Editors are the staffers of the Columbia Journalism Review.