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  1. Politics

    Grappling With Conflagration in the Middle East

    July 18, 2006 12:47 PM

    A fire burns on the cover of this week's issue of The Weekly Standard -- one of many fireballs to flare up this week on newsstands across the country. In the foreground, a soldier stands between the reader and the... Continue reading

  2. Politics

    Presidential Potty Mouth Has Bloggers Atwitter

    July 17, 2006 12:38 PM

    Earlier today at the G-8 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, President George W. Bush was caught (dramatic pause) swearing. "U.S. President George W. Bush expressed his frustration over the situation in the Middle East by using an expletive... Continue reading

  3. Behind the News

    Priscilla Long on Unconventional Writing Forms for Journalists

    July 15, 2006 02:10 PM

    Priscilla Long (photo by Michael Cain) Priscilla Long is a Seattle-based writer of poetry, essays, fiction, and history. Last spring, she became the long-shot winner of this year's National Magazine... Continue reading

  4. Politics

    Leaping and Bounding … Inch by Inch

    July 14, 2006 05:45 PM

    This past week former New York City mayor Rudolf Giuliani toured the country, lending his support to various Republican politicians and kicking up endless speculation about his presidential aspirations. At every stop, the Associated Press was there to chronicle the... Continue reading

  5. Behind the News

    HBO’s Real Sports Shows the Way

    July 13, 2006 01:49 PM

    In its current cover story, entitled "The New Greening of America," Newsweek hones in on a variety of conservation issues, including the environmental record of President George W. Bush. On its Web site, Newsweek teases the article with a... Continue reading

  6. Politics

    Wag That Tail, Fido; It’s July

    July 10, 2006 06:30 PM

    We all know that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but it turns out you also can't get him to drop his old tricks. Especially, when the dog in question is the White House's Office of Management and... Continue reading

  7. The Audit

    BusinessWeek Makes Us Laugh; Laughter is Good

    July 6, 2006 04:51 PM

    When speaking in the abstract, it's pretty easy for business gurus to pay homage to failure. Just start with a familiar quotation ("Learning starts with failure," or "When at first you don't succeed ..."), toss in a few bromides about... Continue reading

  8. The Audit

    Media Blow More Hot Air Into Options Scandal

    July 6, 2006 10:29 AM

    In a recent post, we lamented the increasingly hysterical coverage of a supposed "scandal" involving dozens of corporations that might have issued backdated options to their presumably crooked executives. With growing numbers of "suspicious" companies targeted by the media,... Continue reading

  9. The Audit

    Will the Media Blow Off a Whistleblower?

    June 27, 2006 04:09 PM

    On Friday the New York Times broke a front-page story about possible insider trading at one of the country's largest hedge funds, Pequot Capital Management. "The SEC declined to confirm or deny that it was investigating Pequot,... Continue reading

  10. The Audit

    The Media’s Pernicious Corporate Effects

    June 23, 2006 03:00 PM

    In its current issue, Fast Company magazine has a story about the first Starbucks to open in Dublin -- an event that columnist Keith H. Hammonds suggests will force existing Irish baristas to reconsider their business models, or face... Continue reading

  11. The Audit

    Where’s the Thief? The ‘Options Scandal’ is a Dud

    June 21, 2006 05:30 PM

    Remember that era long ago when the term "options" wasn't yet a dirty word? Yeah, neither do we. These days, you can hardly pick up a business section without seeing a provocative headline using some combination of the words "options"... Continue reading

  12. The Audit

    BusinessWeek Online Pursues Sleep-Aid Market

    June 20, 2006 04:40 PM

    Within the world of television sitcoms, the dreaded family slideshow has long served as a reliable punch line -- a sort of domestic shorthand for boredom-inducing self-indulgence. (Think of Selma and Patty inflicting slide-show torture on Bart et al. on... Continue reading

  13. Behind the News

    Bloggers Pounce on the New Netscape

    June 15, 2006 01:29 PM

    For anyone tracking the continued devaluation of "news anchors" in American public life, this morning marks a milestone of sorts -- or is it a millstone? Today, AOL launched a preview of its newly reconfigured version of... Continue reading

  14. The Audit

    Rich Guy Hires Own Investigative Reporter

    June 14, 2006 12:50 PM

    Earlier this week, with his team battling in its first ever trip to the NBA finals, Mark Cuban, new media billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, skipped out on the Tenth Annual Webby awards celebration. Which is not... Continue reading

  15. Behind the News

    From the Monster of Iraq to the Monster of Florence

    June 13, 2006 02:46 PM

    This week Abu Musab al-Zarqawi gazes out from American newsstands, where his image appears on the cover of Newsweek under the headline "After Zarqawi" and on the cover of Time under a large, red "X." <br... Continue reading

  16. Politics

    Bloggers Bask in Afterglow of … Themselves

    June 12, 2006 01:37 PM

    "Amazing ... unique ... magical .... ruling the earth .... freak show .... crushingly boring." Those were just a few of the adjectives inspired when 1,000 or so liberal bloggers gathered together in the same building in the... Continue reading

  17. Behind the News

    Bad News Bears Bear - Good News!

    June 8, 2006 03:51 PM

    It's long been a mantra of the Rightwingery that the media is pathologically reluctant to report on any good news coming out of Iraq. Well, last night while most of us were sleeping there came a piece of... Continue reading

  18. Politics

    Reporters Tire of Bad Political Reporting

    June 7, 2006 12:42 PM

    The 2006 election season is already kicking into cranium-grinding gear. But before things get too messy, a group of media observers recently asked a collection of seasoned journalists to put aside the minutiae of political reporting for a moment... Continue reading

  19. Behind the News

    Journalism Goes to Hell

    June 6, 2006 02:00 PM

    For people who take the Bible literally, today's date, 6/6/06, may be a scary one, rife with anxiety over a passage from the Book of Revelation warning of 666, the so-called "number of the beast." But for journalists across the... Continue reading

  20. Behind the News

    NBC, Williams Mum on Lawsuit by Armless Soldier

    June 2, 2006 04:29 PM

    In the fall of 2003, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams visited the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C., where he reported on a number of injured U.S. soldiers, including Sgt. Peter Damon, who lost both his arms in... Continue reading

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