So with that in mind, reporters on the White House beat might want to take a cue from the #askObama participants, and ask some follow-up questions of Obama and his spokespeople. Our readers may have better ideas, but here are some suggestions on the housing front:

• You say your administration is still putting pressure on banks to help lenders. Which groups of homeowners are you trying to help? Is relief for option ARM mortgages enough? If not, why will your current approach succeed when past efforts didn’t?

• You said that “some of the banks didn’t do a very good job” of filing foreclosure papers. Do you believe investigations into fraud or other violations are warranted?

• Once the immediate crisis passes, does your administration have a plan to encourage a more low-cost equilibrium for housing prices?

Or, on education:

• You talk a lot about the need for higher education, and also about the benefits of competition. What can the government do to encourage competition among colleges to help bring costs down?

Alternately, they could avoid covering these pocketbook policy questions by asking how the president reacted to Steny Hoyer’s remarks about Eric Cantor’s characterization of the Treasury secretary’s statement about the debt ceiling.

Greg Marx is a CJR staff writer. Follow him on Twitter @gregamarx.