No point giving up dark chocolate, red wine, or blacker-than-black coffee. We’re journalists. We’d last a week. Max.

And exercise? An hour sweating it out in a bikram yoga class is quickly undone by ten minutes of back-curving labor in front of your grimy Mac book. Forget it. No point. Save the money for vino.

We might as well make our new year’s resolutions realistic and focus on what we can do better as reporters and readers in 2011. Right?

Will you avoid promoting stock-standard unsubstantiated political narratives? Finally make an effort to understand what the kids are doing on Twitter? Finally start that book proposal? Go the extra mile and get four subjects in stead of three for your next trend story? Stop donating to Democratic candidates?

And, as a news consumer, will you close that Gawker window with the pics of Ladybug O’Donnell and get back to the New Yorker review you’ve been meaning to read? Will you start paying for online content? Will you give Parker/Spitzer the chance they so richly deserve?

Let us know your journalistic New Year’s Resolutions. And check back with us in a week to let us know if you kept them.

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