But if BP were to go under (a big if), it wouldn’t simply close up shop. Somebody would buy up those units and/or competitors would come in to take over the contracts. It’s hard to see how too many of those workers lose their jobs, even if somehow Congress allowed Gazprom or CNOOC to come in and take over.

The blogger Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge is smart to sniff out this press angle, noting the parallels to the too-big-to-fail banks:

As prospects before BP get darker by the day, and the likelihood of bankruptcy grows, the TBTF propaganda begins. Evidence A - Bloomberg headline: “BP Demise Would Threaten U.S. Energy Security, Industry.” Just as the failure of bankrupt banks was supposed to lead to the destruction of capitalism, so the bankruptcy of BP plc is now supposed to lead to the degeneration of US energy independence. And who in their mind would force the Chapter 11 of a systemically important company?

Indeed. The message is that if we know what’s good for us, we’ll go easy on BP.

They’ve got us over a barrel, so to speak. How convenient.

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