A Row! (Wasilla Frontiersman v. Times of London)

The Times of London’s description of Gov. Sarah Palin’s hometown (Wasilla, Alaksa):

It’s a small, unkempt-looking place, defined by a series of out-of-town stores, a huge lumber yard, a ramshackle bar named the Mug Shot Saloon with Harley Davidsons parked outside, and a lake, by the side of which is Palin’s house.

A description which Wasilla’s Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman calls in an editorial today “as inaccurate and unfair as it would be for anyone else to define England by a stereotypical lack of dental hygiene.”

The Frontiersman further suggests that “perhaps those like that reporter for The Times of London can stop to smell the flowers, and by doing so realize Wasilla is defined by more than one ‘ramshackle’ watering hole.”

UPDATE: The lede of that Times story:

At the age of 10, Sarah Palin got her very own bunny rabbit. Which means to say that she crouched down in the grass outside her family home, aimed her shotgun and blew its furry little head off…


I buy a cup of coffee from an Inuit, and it tastes exactly how you would imagine a cup of coffee made by an Inuit would taste…

Which is to say….?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.