Debate Fun and Games

In preparation for tonight’s much anticipated vice presidential debates, here are excerpts from a slew debate drinking games.

From the Washington City Paper: “When toasting to Biden, immerse yourself in blue-collar Scranton, PA and choose a Rolling Rock (edit-now proudly brewed in New Jersey).”

From the Indecision 2008: ” Every time Palin speaks in a run-on sentence, get yourself for into the position of being to drink a sip of beer and therefore on the chair on which you sit turn around and face your neighbor but you will not have had enough into which to vomit and that’s good because you will be feeling in a way that is comparable to ways in which you have drunk before, at home, where they teach good drinking values.”

From the Slander 08 blog: Every time Palin mentions one of her kids by name, take the number of drinks corresponding to that child’s number in her brood (e.g. 1 drink for Track, 2 drinks for Bristol, 3 drinks for Willow, 4 drinks for Piper and 5 drinks for Trig). If she does not give a name, take 1 drink.

From MIT’s Tech: “When Biden lambastes Washington Insiders: Make a toast to his 35 years of experience in the United States Senate.”

From the Huffington Post: “Every time Sarah Palin suggests Joe Biden’s age and/or experience is a negative: toast the 72 year old McCain with an Old Fashioned.”

From Nancy Tracy via Associated Content: “Take two chugs of Moosehead whenever Sarah Palin does the following…Talks about her new friend Henry Kissinger or Hamid Karzai.”

These games are more than just an excuse for drinking on a school night. In fact, they encourage close, attentive viewing of the proceedings, and that’s good for democracy. Cheers to that.

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Katia Bachko is on staff at The New Yorker.