Michelle Obama! Come on down! You ARE the next contestant on “Kill the Witch!”

As such, Fox News will attempt to belittle you in this on-screen graphic, using “urban” slang to reduce you to The Now-Disposed Vessel for Barack Obama’s Likely Unplanned Offspring (hat tip, Alex Koppelman at Salon)!

“Outraged liberals: Stop picking on Obama’s Baby Mama!”

(Word usage/Fact check for Fox: According to the Urban Dictionary, Baby Mamas aren’t typically married to the Baby Daddys). But keep that chyron in mind while reading some of the accompanying exchange yesterday between Fox’s Megyn Kelly and “conservative blogger” Michelle Malkin. Kelly asked Malkin whether attacks on Mrs. Obama would be effective or could “backfire,” to which Malkin replied:

MALKIN: Depends. As long as conservatives and critics of Michelle Obama stick to the substance of what she’s saying and challenging her policy pronouncments… If people make gratiutous and cheap shots that have nothing to do with the substance of what she’s saying…

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.