Meghan McCain Sees You “Sit[ting] Around,” WH Press Corps

On Hannity last night, Fox News’s Sean Hannity aired “a little highlight reel” from Robert Gibbs’ “first 50 days as White House Press Secretary.” Gibbs was seen saying things like “I’m not an economist,” “I have not read the article today,” and “let me check with somebody who has got a better understanding of that” — garden variety spokesperson dodges, to my ears— which Hannity dubbed “frightening,” asking his panel “would you want this guy to be your spokesman?”

Panelist Meghan McCain weighed in:

I think the problem is the press corps lets him get away with it. The press corps sits around — I recognize a lot of the faces sitting there. They are sitting there and letting him get away with it. They don’t call him out because the media lets everyone in the Obama administration get away with everything, their love affair with him. It’s exhausting. Call him out.

And so goes McCain’s publicity tour (tonight? Rachel Maddow!) — which she’s Twittered and blogged about —on behalf of The Daily Beast (for which she’s writing columns).

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.