NYT: Ten Percent “Policy Substance”

Clark Hoyt on election coverage in the New York Times:

Through Friday, of 270 news articles published in The Times about the election since the national tickets were formed in late August, only 29, or a little over 10 percent, were primarily about policy substance. And that is a generous tally that includes some very brief items.

A similar pattern holds for news media in general, reports Hoyt. “Not a standard to aspire to.”


Times editors know that their issues coverage has lagged but say much more is in the pipeline and that issues have been addressed throughout even the horse-race reporting.

Hopefully that pipelines starts producing soon (given that Election Day is, what, a couple of weeks off?) Meantime, Times readers can, apparently, look for crumbs of “issues coverage” within the horseracey stuff.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.