“The Most 2009 Headline of the Year”? (Already?)

“The most 2009 headline of the year comes courtesy of CNN.com: ‘Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter’,” Twitters Keith Phipps, writer for The Onion’s The AV Club (facts which, I guess, only further the 2009-ishness of it all).

“…on Twitter” adds insta-2009-cred to any headline, really (editors are convinced). It’s a little early in ‘09 to be handing out “best of year” awards, but I’d say the headline I linked to yesterday rivals Phipps’s selection for “most 2009 headline of the year so far.” (Even more so, naturally, if you add “…on Twitter” to the end of it).

Swine Flu Crisis May Overshadow 100-Day Milestone

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