Mother arrested after drowning —Houston Chronicle, 10/18/11

173 animals seized; 2 face cruelty charges —Bellingham (WA) World, 9/23/11

La. chimpanzees get pregnant despite vasectomies —The Associated Press, 2/27/12

‘At Last’ singer Etta James dies —Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/21/12

Soccer-Mom madam cools her heels in Riker’s, but will her clients get off? —New York Observer, 3/19/12

Shark bites land surfer in hospital —The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA), 10/30/11

Afghanistan: U.S. pays $50,000 per killing to massacre familes —San Francisco Chronicle, 3/26/12

In Three Rivers, community and family bore a hero —, 3/27/12

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