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CJR welcomes pitches for reported stories related to the news media. Those might include critical essays, profiles, and investigative features. We encourage contributors to explore in order to get a sense for the subjects we cover, and how we approach them. 

CJR stories engage the journalism industry as well as the myriad ways in which journalism and the world impact each other. They reveal the frontiers of reporting and storytelling, tangle with ethical concerns, and guide the performance of the contemporary press. Whether your subject is internationally known or virtually unknown, your pitch should explain how the press stands to benefit from the story you hope to tell.



All pitches to CJR should include:

  • The crux: What’s the story? Or the argument? Write a brief, clear, powerful nut graf.
  • Justification: Why should this particular story be told now? How does your story engage contemporary concerns in journalism?
  • A reporting plan: Tell us how you plan to cover the story. Who will you speak with? What shape will the story take? How many words will you need to tell your story well?
  • A short bio: Make a case for why you should be the person to tell the story.
  • Timing: If the story is time-sensitive, let us know why.

Pitches should be sent to; emails should include the word “Pitch” in the subject line. CJR editors make every effort to respond to each pitch we receive.