The Layoff Tracker

December 17, 2019

Between 2008 and 2018, newsroom employment declined by 25 percent

Most of those losses occurred at print newspapers, where employment declined by nearly half in the same decade. But many newer digital outlets have faltered, too. 

The most obvious way to measure such losses is in wave after wave of recent layoffs —which have sometimes marked the end of entire publications and have certainly marked the end of some careers. 

CJR has tracked job losses during 2019. (They include some non-editorial roles.) The verified total, made up of only confirmed figures, is above. We plan to update the list. If you have lost your job, or know of layoffs that are not reflected here, then please email to let us know.

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Update: This post has been amended to clarify the nature of the lost jobs we’re tracking, and to reflect updated information.

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