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CJR on Gaza

Our package of magazine and Web articles about the conflict in the Middle East
May 22, 2009

This month, the Columbia Journalism Review is offering three perspectives on the coverage of the fighting in Gaza. J.J. Goldberg, editorial director of The Forward, compares the reporting on alleged brutalities against civilians in the U.S. press and the British press, and how this illuminates the different cultural pressures in the two countries when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians. From Gaza itself, Taghreed El-Khodary, a correspondent for The New York Times, writes a Reporter’s Notebook piece on the war. And Lisa Goldman, writing from Israel, explains how the fighting was covered in that country, and how the militant mood of the Israeli press matched and fed the mood of the people there.

All three pieces in this special package were supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute, for which we are deeply grateful.

And here’s a compilation of stories from our online coverage of Gaza during the conflict.

02/11/09: Q and A: Paul McGeough – The veteran Middle East reporter shares insights about covering conflict in Gaza – Katia Bachko

01/23/09: Arab Media Wars – Hamas, Fatah, and the Arab media world – Lawrence Pintak

01/21/09: Borderless Journalism in Gaza – BBC, CNN-I, and Al Jazeera English offer nuanced coverage of Gaza war – Lawrence Pintak

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01/20/09: Access Issues – NRO’s Gutmann says the media ban in Gaza was justified – Jane Kim

01/16/09: Hamas ≠ Nazis (or Hamas = Nazis?) – In some equations, proportionality does matter – Jane Kim

01/15/09: Reuters Evacs Gaza BureauLiz Cox Barrett

01/09/09: The Opinion Chorus on Gaza – What columnists and opinion writers argued, explained, and claimed this week – Jane Kim

01/08/09: What the Red Cross Sees, the Media Still Can’t – Red Cross statement on Gaza conditions underscores lack of media access – Jane Kim

01/08/09: War of the Words – How descriptions of Hamas shape our understanding of the Gaza conflict – Katia Bachko

01/08/09: Pressed to Speculate: On the Rockets from Lebanon – Headlines run wild on the second-front front – Jane Kim

01/07/09: The Rage Will Be Televised – Al Jazeera and its imitators cover Gaza like no one else—but at what cost? – Stephen Franklin

01/05/09: (Not) Getting Into GazaLiz Cox Barrett

The Editors are the staffers of the Columbia Journalism Review.